Cryptohopper Review: The Ultimate Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading Tool For Beginners

Cryptohopper Review

Cryptohopper is a complete trading platform that is designed at making investing into the crypto market more convenient and more user-friendly. The investor can streamline their investment procedures, copy professional traders, create signals and alerts via their mobile application and more through Cryptohopper. This lets investors remain on top of market conditions no matter what currency they trade or which exchanges they choose to use and the location they travel to.

While investors must purchase a premium platform for access to the most sophisticated tools, the platform does not charge per-trade commissions. Instead, it charges investors each month a fixed monthly fee that is proportional to the amount of tools they can access.

Best For

  • Investors who are interested in copy trading
  • Accounts of investors who have already been in their brokerage of choice
  • Investors who are looking for sophisticated analysis tools that do not require knowledge of coding to apply


  • Doesn’t charge an additional fee on top of the monthly charges
  • Gives investors access to sophisticated analysis tools
  • The app is comprehensive and includes sophisticated security features


  • Customer service by phone is not available.
  • It is necessary to purchase a monthly plan to gain access to the most beneficial features

You’re thinking of making use of Cryptohopper but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment? This Cryptohopper review will inform you on the features of the app that will help you figure out whether Cryptohopper is the right choice for you. The markets for cryptocurrency are very different from traditional markets and , as such, specific tools are required to navigate the constantly changing cryptocurrency markets.

A lot of investors utilize multiple exchanges because there aren’t all altcoins listed on the same exchange. Cryptohopper addresses this issue by combining different platforms within its platform to improve the trading experience.

Cryptohopper Quick Summary

Tradable assets100+ cryptocurrencies connected through 9 major exchanges
PlatformIntuitive; combines expert-level features with beginner-friendly tools and setup options 
Mobile appFully operational, mirrors desktop platform
Account minimum$0 to link your brokerage accounts; recommended minimum is €300 for most exchanges
Available account typesCryptocurrency trading terminal

Cryptohopper Fees and Minimums for Accounts

Cryptohopper’s platform is completely free to use by the majority of investors. Monitor your portfolio, perform trades live through the trading terminal, and access strategy back testing tools without fees for either a monthly or an annual period. There isn’t a minimum amount needed to begin trading with CryptoHopper however, the platform recommends making a minimum deposit of EUR300 to your preferred exchange choice , so that Cryptohopper is able to spread risk among multiple transactions while satisfying the minimum requirements for trading.

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If you’d like to use Cryptohopper’s investment capabilities that automate it is necessary upgrade to a premium account. Cryptohopper currently provides three levels of access to a paid account. The Explorer package includes a virtual trading bot, with 80 positions, up to 15 chosen coins as well as two triggers. It is possible to pay around $19 per month to have accessibility to Explorer. Explorer package.

The Cryptohopper middle account includes The Adventurer package. The Adventurer package comes with all the features included inside the Explorer package and provides access to 50 coins, five triggers, and exchange arbitrage. The cost is $49 per month to gain accessibility the Adventurer packages features.

If you’re an expert level investor seeking the most complete range of tools it’s a good idea to think about Cryptohopper’s comprehensive Hero package. In the Hero package, you’ll have the ability to open up to 500 positions at once with up to 75 coins, and make use of 10-triggers, and more than 100 trading signals. You’ll also have advanced technical analysis features as well as access to all of Cryptohopper’s latest features. The Hero package is available at an expense that is $99 per month.

Remember that Cryptohopper isn’t an exchange in and of itself — it’s a trade terminal that allows access to many markets. Also, you’ll be liable for the charges paid by the exchange that your purchase is made through and the monthly fees you pay through Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper User-Friendliness

Cryptohopper can be described as an automatic cryptocurrency investment platform. While you’ll have to commit to a paid subscription to gain access to the primary features offered by Cryptohopper however, you can start exploring the platform’s basic features for absolutely nothing. You do not even have to input your credit card details until you decide to make a commitment to the plan.

While Cryptohopper is a specialist in providing customers access to more sophisticated instruments for charting and trading but the platform remains basic and simple to use. The features we like the most that make Cryptohopper extremely easy to learn include:

  • Expert-level tools with no coding requirements Contrary to most platforms that have the open source capabilities of other platforms, Cryptohopper allows you to personalize your investment experience and access top-quality tools without having to code them. Custom strategy scanners can instantly detect candlestick charting patterns to back-testing investment strategies Cryptohopper offers powerful tools in an interface that is simple enough to learn for newbies.
  • Simple and easy setup: You don’t require prior experience with cryptocurrency to begin using Cryptohopper. It is possible to set up an account for trading on paper to try out the Cryptohopper capabilities without having an account with an exchange. A majority of customers can start their account and start trading in just three minutes.
  • There are no additional charges: Cryptohopper isn’t a broker and doesn’t collect an amount of money of your trades. Whatever trades you execute per month, you’ll be charged the same small cost standard cost. This makes it simpler to estimate the amount your trade will be charged since there is no need to take into account additional charges.

Overall, we awarded Cryptohopper high marks for its user-friendliness and user-friendliness. With an extensive trading platform and a user-friendly interface even novices can easily begin trading with Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper Review

Cryptohopper Education

Cryptohopper does not just allow users to manage all of your accounts on exchange from one place It also gives users with a range of distinct tools to help them understand investing in cryptocurrency and the market in general. Let’s review the top educational tools and resources that are available through Cryptohopper.

  • Accounts for paper trading: The Cryptohopper’s printed trading accounts let you try out your investment strategy without placing your personal funds at risk. Paper trading accounts can be a huge advantage for those trying to decide whether Cryptohopper is the best trading platform for them, and do not intend to sign up for an account until they have.
  • High-quality analytical tools. Cryptohopper’s selection of analysis and indicators are very impressive. Based on the package that you select, you’ll be granted access to as many as 90 candlestick patterns as well as 30 different indicators, and tools for customization that let you personalize your trading experience through automated technology. These features do not require any programming knowledge to use just click to create your indicators and alerts.
  • Simple copy trading feature Simple copy trading functionality: Cryptohopper’s Marketplace offers investors the tools required to study from those who have made the biggest gains as cryptocurrency investor in the market. Cryptohopper is a person-to-person screening of each candidate who is enrolled in this program, to make sure they are learning from only the top and fastest. You can also buy bot templates, talk with other investors or sign up to trading signals using your desktop or phone.

Cryptohopper Customer Support

Cryptohopper provides users with a variety of ways to reach customer service:

  • Chat online For online chat via Cryptohopper go to their website. You can click on the blue bubble at the bottom right corner of the home screen to open live chat. It is possible to connect directly to live chat or are able to browse the FAQ directly from the chat application. Although you’ll initially be linked to chatbots you’ll be able to connect to someone from the team to get the answer you’re looking for if it’s not found in the FAQ currently available.
  • Support tickets: In order to make support tickets through Cryptohopper go here. You’ll require an existing Cryptohopper account to access support ticketing.

There is currently no option to call exists to assist customers with their needs.

Cryptohopper Offerings

Cryptohopper is a complete trading terminal that lets investors access their entire brokerage accounts for cryptocurrency on one platform. Cryptohopper gives investors access an array of tools and options they can utilize to improve their on-exchange capabilities, such as:

  • Copy trading is a feature that allows for copy trading
  • Access to tools for designing strategies and instruments that allow investors to benefit from price differences between exchanges
  • Advanced tools for analysis and functions
  • Tools for bear market, such as the dollar-cost-averaging tool and shorting tools

Investors are able to access these tools without having to worry about the cost of each trade deducted from their accounts. Cryptohopper has a flat monthly cost based on the tools offered at each level. Although Cryptohopper does not offer brokerage features, it does provide investors with an extensive set of tools that they can utilize to make trading more simple and easier to understand.

Cryptohopper Mobile App

Cryptohopper expands its easy setup and gives users access to Apple as well as Android smartphone platforms. Some of the features we like in the Cryptohopper app are:

  • Security features that are high-level Security features that are high-level Cryptohopper app is equipped with biometric security functions to guarantee that just you are able to access your investment funds.
  • Optional push notifications Set notifications for push notifications to get instant updates on patterns, triggers outstanding orders, and more. Monitor your progress and position on the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Orders made with a single click. The Cryptohopper mobile platform is as easy to use as its desktop counterparts. You can trade with just one order and monitor your accounts regardless of where you are.

The Cryptohopper app is available for an uncast download to Apple and Android platforms.

Cryptohopper Overall Review

If you’re an avid cryptocurrency investor or require more sophisticated tools than the broker you currently use, Cryptohopper can be the solution you’ve been looking for. It makes it easy to study trades or copy investors from professional traders and be part of a larger crypto community, Cryptohopper can act as an introduction to the cryptocurrency market and also an effective tool for experienced investors.


What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is the most powerful and advanced crypto trading bot on the market. It can handle more than 1,000 different cryptocurrencies and offer a variety of features to help you make better trades. It offers a user-friendly interface, efficient execution of trades, and live updating of prices.

How can Cryptohopper be used to trade crypto?

Cryptohopper is a powerful software program that automates cryptocurrency trading by using advanced algorithms. This makes it more efficient and reliable than other methods, making it an ideal choice for those who want to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Is Cryptohopper fully automated?

CryptoHopper paper trading functionality allows anyone to practice with various automated strategies before incurring the risk of live investments. This is done through the use of a decentralized marketplace that allows users to trade various cryptocurrencies.

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